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For people looking for weekend breaks in the UK, there are plenty of options available. Popular weekend breaks in the UK are romantic getaways, sightseeing breaks, family fun, adventure weekends and wildlife breaks. Depending on your preference, you can find several places to explore under each category.

Are you looking for weekend breaks in the UK but have no idea what you would like to do?

Here is a guide to 5 interesting options that include romantic getaways, adventure, family fun, sightseeing and wildlife that will point you in the right direction.

Romantic weekends:

If a cozy weekend for two away from the crowds is what you are looking for, then a romantic weekend with your partner enjoying the scenery and the peace and quiet in places such as the Lake District or near the seaside is a good option. Top picks for romantic weekend breaks in the UK include a stay at a secluded cottage in the Lake District or the pristine countryside of Wales.

Adventure weekends:

When you want a getaway which involves activity and adventure that you can enjoy along with friends or family there are several options available such as sailing, bicycling, hiking or horse riding. Popular adventure weekend breaks in the UK are riding in West Yorkshire, kayaking near Gloucestershire, sailing in the Solent and mountain biking in Mid Wales.

Family weekends:

Getting away with children comes with its challenges in terms of finding a place that is child friendly as well as having enough activities to keep your young ones occupied. For weekend breaks in the UK along with your family, coastal resorts such as Butlins or Center Parcs with its multiple options for activities are a good choice.

Sightseeing weekends:

If you would like to discover the gems in your own country then sightseeing weekend breaks in the UK are available in cities and towns all over England, Wales and Scotland. There is more to sightseeing in the UK than just seeing the monuments and museums in London. You can visit the roman spa at Bath, the mysterious Stonehenge or visit cities such as Birmingham, Cardiff or Edinburgh.

Wildlife weekends:

If nature is your kind of thing and you are looking for wildlife Weekend Breaks in the UK then there are plenty of choices. You can head to Cornwall for basking shark, whale or seal spotting or visit the red squirrels on Brownsea Island in Dorset, spot golden eagles in Cumbria, look for otters in Northumberland or Ospreys in Scotland. This is one weekend break that is weather proof as you do not have to depend on sunny weather for it. Even in the rain, you can brave the elements and walk in forests or highlands and commune with nature.