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A list post is a blog post that divides the text into numbered sections. When you use a number in your headline about a subject that appeals to your audience, you improve the chances that someone will click and read your post.

Let’s look at 7 reasons why your blog readers love to read a list post.

1. We All Like Numbers

When you write a list post on your blog, it appeals to the human affinity for numbers. A list post format is easy to write and read. You start with a summary, list your points, number them, then finish with a summary. Try to use a number equal to or greater than 5, or your list may appear to provide little value.

2. Items In The List Are Similar

Readers know what they like to read. In a list post they know that they have a certain number of things that are all related to that one subject matter. Don’t mix up the types of items on your list as it will confuse your reader.

3. Everything Is In Sequence

If you write a list post about how to bake a cake, there is an obvious procedure that needs to be followed. Certain steps need to be taken before subsequent actions can follow. This makes it easy for your reader to follow your instructions, step by step.

4. There May Be More Info Than You Need

Readers may already know about one or two items on your list post. But you’re telling them a set number, which they probably couldn’t reel off without thinking carefully first. Your list is providing answers for them. Coming up with more items than your list requires gives your reader a high quality list.

5. Readers Know What They’re Getting

You make your readers’ brains happy when you number your list. When someone sees “Top 7 Ways to Improve Your Tennis Serve” as your blog post title, their brain is getting ready to see numbers 1 through 7 listed in order. Always number your points.

6. People Click On Numbers

Internet users throughout all demographics are more likely to click on a headline with a number, compared to that same headline with the number spelled out. “15 ” will generate more traffic than “Fifteen Website Traffic Tricks“. Use the numerical version of the number instead of spelling it out in your title.

7. There’s No Filler Content

A list post should deliver high quality, valuable information. There’s no filler content, and every items should pull its own weight quality-wise.

Your blog can be a powerful marketing tool and you don’t have to be a professional writer to get results.