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Most moms dream of some day, when the kids go to school or leave home, starting their own home based business. Many moms do exactly that. The minute the kids are gone, they get to work earning money from home. It just depends on what skills you have, what type of work you like doing and what the market wants.

Here are 7 work at home jobs for moms that people have made money from. Although individual ideas may not suit you, they may stimulate your thinking and get you started on another idea. So, keep an open mind and see what others have done. This is just a sample of what is possible.

1. Earn extra income from home decorating cakes

Some people have a knack for this craft – if you’re one of them, cake decorating could be for you! There are many wonderful magazines and books available to give you and your client’s ideas and inspiration for cake decorations. Cupcakes are another option as there are all kinds of possibilities for party themes and clever gift box presentation.

2. Become a massage therapist

If you are not already trained in the field of massage therapy, there are many courses available to teach you the art of massage. With a few basic pieces of equipment you could be on your way to starting a rewarding home based massage therapy business.

3. Organize nature hikes

If you live near an appropriate spot, and are outgoing, why not lead nature hikes? Hiking is a growing physical fitness activity, and you can lead adults and children alike, teaching them about the world around us. You could do all the planning and research from home.

4. Start a new mom care service

Sell yourself to mother-in-laws, grandparents, friends and family of the mom-to-be as a baby shower gift! You come in once a day, makes meals, clean up a bit, and generally make things easier for mom!

5. Become a business plan consultant

If you have a knack for writing business plans, becoming a business plan consultant may be a profitable business for you. I had a hard time finding any start up information for this type of business, but I know there are people doing it. My best advice is to find a niche to work within, and go from there. This is a great work at home job for moms who have the required business skills and experience.

6. Do chair caning

Use cane, plastic or other interesting materials to weave seats and backs onto casual and picturesque chairs for clients. Buy old chairs with promise at bargain prices to re-glue, refinish, re-cane and sell at a profit. Maybe this is just the start of an idea for you. Perhaps you could adapt or expand on it to suit your circumstances or local market demand.

7. Create designer clothing

Paint, block print or transfer unique or custom made designs onto items of clothing. Smocks, t-shirts, jackets and fabrics that will be made into clothing can all be enhanced with a little creative flair and color. 7 Work at Home Jobs For Moms Who Want to Earn Some Extra Income Use all sorts of designs to create the image you are looking for, such as illustrations, cartoons, or images of local interest. Dressmaking is the perfect work at home job for you have the required skills to make and market your own creations.