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Drift Innovation is one of the few big competitors in the growing action camera market.

The company’s main repertoire included the original Drift Action Camera and the cheaper Drift HD720. In late 2012, Drift introduced the Drift Ghost which offers some innovate features at a premium price. Because of this premium price, Drift will continue to sell its other 2 products. It is only fair to review the entire Drift camera range so you can purchase the best action camera for your needs and budget.

Drift HD720

The Drift HD720 serves as the entry-level Drift model as it is only capable of recording up to 720p at 30 frames per second. Standard-definition recording is also an option if you want 60 frames per second. The 130-degree wide angle lens is rotatable and replaceable. What is nice about this action camera is its compact housing and universal clip opening up tons of mounting possibilities. Drift even managed to cram a small 1.5-inch LCD display so you can play back footage or line up shots. The Drift HD720 is a fantastic choice if you don’t need full HD visuals. 720p footage still looks pretty good on most laptop displays and smaller HDTVs and monitors. The Drift HD720 can take 5-megapixel photos too.

Drift Action Camera

The Drift Action Camera has the same size and shape as the Drift HD720 although you can clearly see the 1080p label underneath the HD logo next to the screen. However, the ability to record 1080p video isn’t the only feature that separates the Drift Action Camera from its HD720 sibling. The Drift Action Camera is also capable of recording 720p at 50/60 fps in addition to the standard 25/30 fps options. The lens has a wider 170-degree coverage and can capture 9-megapixel photos. It also has some extra ports including an external 2.5mm external mic input and a micro HDMI output. Basically, this camera has the same feature set as the cheaper model but it may be necessary for professionals to pay the extra premium for higher quality video.

Drift Ghost

The Drift Ghost dethrones the Drift HD as the flagship model because it comes with some fresh new features along with a new design. The design is bulkier than the older Drift models but it is fully waterproof up to 3 meters right out of the box. The back of the Drift Ghost features a larger 2-inch LCD screen with a Gorilla Glass coating for added scratch protection. The field of view is completely adjustable so you can go from 90 degrees to 127 or 170. 960p is an available option if you want to record in 4:3 ratio. The main highlights of this new action camera include the built-in Wi-Fi functionality for smartphone interaction and social network uploading as well as the two-way remote with LED lights where you can easily change shooting modes.