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What Is the Dubrow Diet, And Can It Actually Help Me Lose Weight?
The Dubrow Diet, one of the top 10 browsed diet plans on Google in 2018, was created by "The Real Housewives of Orange County" reality star Heather Dubrow and her husband, Dr. Terry Dubrow, a Newport Beach cosmetic surgeon and star on "Botched." According to their book, "The Dubrow Diet: Interval Eating to Lose Weight and Feel Ageless," the couple was tired of all the yo-yo dieting they had done for years, so they developed their own program and lastly found success.

The Dubrow Diet declares to help you lose weight, improve your skin's look, increase your energy, aid stabilize blood sugars, decrease inflammation in your body and have powerful anti-aging homes. But does it work? Check out on for more information about the plan's information, prospective advantages and threats. The Dubrows could not be reached for remark.

How Can What Is the Dubrow Diet, And Can It Actually Help Me Lose Weight? Start Following the Dubrow Diet?

To genuinely follow this diet plan, you'll require to buy the book. It describes in detail the stages of the diet plan and offers sample meal plans, food lists, dishes and recommended supplements. To summarize, the diet is generally a periodic fasting plan burglarized 3 stages: "Red-Carpet Ready," "Summer Is Coming" and "Look Hot While Living Like a Human."

The very first stage lasts two to 5 days and consists of 16 hours of fasting (or "resetting," per the Dubrows) with eight hours of eating (or "refueling"). The 2nd phase comes in 3 ranges, depending on how challenging you are finding the fasting and how rapidly you wish to satisfy your goal. The sluggish speed consists of a 12-hour reset and a 12-hour refuel, the medium speed is a 14-hour reset and 10-hour refuel, and the fast speed is a 16-hour reset and eight-hour refuel. Each speed also features some type of "cheat" day, meal or moment.

The third phase is marketed as the consuming schedule you keep long term. On Can Eating More Plant-Based Foods Help Manage Diabetes? , you follow a 12-hour reset/12-hour consuming schedule five days a week and a 16-hour reset/eight-hour consuming prepare the other 2 days. You can pick which days you want to do what.

What Can You Eat on the Dubrow Diet?

The Dubrow Diet is not practically when you consume, it also determines what type of foods and just how much you can consume of each. Stage 1 introduces an adjustable meal organizer that offers the reader directions on protein, carb and vegetable portions. A Dietitian Is Not Impressed by J-Lo and A-Rod's 10-Day Diet Challenge supplies food lists and sample meals strategies. Phase 2 follows the exact same meal coordinator, however with a broadened food list and more sample meal plans.

Throughout refueling, the Dubrows encourage a range of foods, but with very particular part sizes and frequency. For instance, a protein serving is 3 to 4 ounces, two to three times per day; fruit is 1 cup or one small specific fruit daily; and carbohydrates include a half-cup of a complicated carb, such as lentils, barley or a piece of multigrain bread each day. White flour is dissuaded.

Non-fat dairy is allowed in stage one, and 2 percent fat is introduced in the second stage. Overall, the food options broaden slightly in stage 2, when people are permitted to drink alcohol in moderation (that's two beverages for a man, one drink a day for females).

In phase 3, you are encouraged to continue consuming the foods that you grew familiar with during stages 1 and 2. The Dubrows state you can be a bit more liberal with part sizes in this phase; however, if your weight begins to climb up back up, you need to review them.

When fasting, the Dubrows enable drinks and supplements that have no sugar and very little calories (no greater than 100 calories overall). For instance, you can consume water, coffee, unsweetened tea and powdered beet or greens-based supplement beverages.

Is the Dubrow Diet Healthy?

There does not appear to be any research on the Dubrow Diet itself, and the research on intermittent fasting is inconclusive. What's more, most of the research study has been carried out on animal subjects. The most appealing studies to date have been connected with weight loss, but the question still remains: Is it the period eating or the calorie limitation that appears to cause favorable outcomes?

Will you drop weight on the Dubrow Diet? Probably, however that is most likely because you are watching your part sizes and eating less calories.

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