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As one of Europe’s leading cultural cities Berlin offers many museums, historic sites and other places for a memorable visit. Many landmarks remind us of the long history of Berlin, the remains of the destruction during World War II and it’s history when it was divided between east and west. Even though Berlin is a large metropolis orientating yourself in Berlin isn’t hard at all. There are three prominent landmarks: the Church of Remembrance (the Gedächtniskirche), located in the West on the Kurfürstendamm, the Brandenburger Tor in the city district of Mitte, and the Fernsehturm (TV- tower) at Alexanderplatz in the East. Round and about these three points of interest lie the inner districts of Berlin.

Berlin Revealed

The 365-meter high tower TV Tower was built between 1965 and 1969 and is located in East Berlin it reminds us of the time when Berlin was divided. Now it’s a symbol of a united city. And as one of the highest buildings in Europe it offers an marvellous view of the city both during the day and night. You can visit the observation platform located at a height of 203 meters or dine at the restaurant while enjoying the view.

The Berlin Revealed  Brandenburg Gate, Berlin’s only remaining city gate, is the most known towns landmark and also symbol of the division and reunion of the city. It was situated in the no man’s land just behind the wall and reopened after the Fall of the Wall on December 22, 1989. The sandstone construction, built from 1788-91 to plans by C.G. Langhans, has 12 Doric columns and is based on the propylaeum of the Acropolis in Athens.