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A favorite blog post format is a list post (aka tip posts), which is popular for both bloggers and readers. Why is this so popular? Simple, because it is easy and fun to write and read. The content is usually based on the writer’s opinion, and most everyone likes this type of content.

More than likely, you have read many list posts without giving it much thought. Titles such as “The Top 7 Reasons You Need To Be On Twitter”, “How Bloggers Bust Writers Block in 3 easy step” or “How to Blog – The 7 Tips To Capturing Your Readers Attention” are all examples of lists or tips.

“Number” of tips or resources

The most common format is to include a number in the title. Usually you will see them called a top 10, 7 tips or 3 steps. Within the post content, the blogger will write each point numbered order; typically with bolded subhead, and a brief description of between 40-60 words. The numbering sequences are relatively easy and quick to write, and likely the main reason why you see so many bloggers write in this format.

There are times when the number of tips or the list is not mentioned in the title or numbered it the post. This is most often seen when the writer is expanding on each point. Typically you’ll see this when each point takes up several paragraphs.

List posts are popular with blog readers

People like to read them because they can get the information in small, easy to read chunks, which makes for a fast and simple read. Numbering format allows the reader to keep track and easily see each tip.

Readers have a hard time resisting a top 10 or 7 tips. They are curious to find out how many they already know; or if there are any new ideas. It’s a great way to draw in reader.