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Britt Worldwide may be the brain child of Brill Britt of Amway popularity.

Bill Britt is definitely an image of not just Amway but of multilevel marketing in general. He has branded himself as having the biggest network in Amway and he is what he admits that he is.

Britt Worldwide has organized all their attempts and put all of them on to one site for ease of their numerous followers. Regular membership to depend upon one becoming authorized as an Amway consultant.

This really is unfortunate since the website presents itself as thrilling and I am certain might be used as an efficient advertising tool should they desire to use it to bring in brand new prospects. Perhaps Britt Worldwide is simply too large to want these prospects or possibly they simply have not realized the strength of online marketing.

With very little work I had been in a position to sign into the Britt Worldwide website although I’m not an Amway consultant. Within I noticed an entire shop for purchasing books and compact disks, not just those made by Britt Worldwide but additionally numerous self-help publications from such traditional writers as Og Mandino as well as Napolean Hill. Most of the materials though seemed to be made by Britt Worldwide and one can easily see this can be a main cash producer for Bill Britt.

Other pursuits available are use of conferences. The conference listings consist of open conferences for potential customers, local coaching conferences put on by numerous frontrunners and massive nationwide events hosted by Bill Britt himself. These types of big nationwide type conferences tend to be well known to be very inspiring and definitely evangelistic anyway.

Bill’s disciples are extremely faithful and hold the guy almost like a saint and savior. Obviously, these are also main causes of earnings for Britt. It makes one wonders if they help to make more from their own inspirational items or from Amway itself?

Following a small look around in the Britt Worldwide website I discovered what I as an author as well as network internet marketer was looking for, the actual Britt Worldwide advertising strategy.

Britt Worldwide – Is Bill Britts Marketing Plan For Real?

My first experience 25 years back within multilevel marketing had been as an Amway consultant in the Bill Britt business. In those days we were trained to create a listing of everybody we’re able to think of that we knew. I was after that to break that list down in to hot, warm and chilly prospects. After we had completed this, we were to go out and phone first the hot marketplaces, then your warm marketplace and lastly the chilly prospects.