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So you have a worn out drive gear in your opener and are contemplating on doing it yourself? No sweat. Follow these simple instructions and it shouldn’t take no more than an afternoon for the average .

The tools required to complete this project are as follows:

Either a Cordless Impact or good old fashion ratchet wrench.

1/4 inch socket
5/16 inch socket
1-2 inch extension
5/32 inch punch
1/2 inch open end wrench
1 pair of vice grips or c-clamp or equivalent
Step Ladder and a Hammer

It’s a good idea to have them all on hand to be safe. My instructions below vary slightly from the manufactures instructions. My instructions are for the do it yourselfers and are almost verbatim on how I change every gear or gear and sprocket assembly. I have included some extra steps to make it a bit easier for the average jo. I give a lifetime warranty on my labor, so I am confident that following these instructions properly will not fail you because performing this job as stated hasn’t failed me. However, if you have any doubts please refer to the manufactures guide lines or have a professional in your area perform the task.

*When I refer to the Right and Left Side it is always done as if I am standing in the garage facing the door.*

First lets figure out if you need to replace just the drive gear or entire gear and sprocket assembly. Unplug the opener or disconnect its power source at the fuse panel if it is hardwired. Ensure the power is disconnected by trying to operate it via your wireless remote and or wall button. Next we’ll remove the cover of the opener.

If you’re standing underneath the opener facing the garage door, on the left and right sides of the opener, use the 1/4 inch socket to remove 2 screws on each side. Next, using the 1/4 inch socket remove the screws on the front and the back of the opener securing the plastic covers at the bottom. Depending on what model you have you will have either one or two screws. If you have only 1 screw you may need to utilize a screw driver to remove the screw.

Once you have the cover off inspect the drive gear. A worn drive gear will have white shavings evident when you remove the cover. You will need to inspect to make sure the bushing aren’t worn as well. Normally on the top of the drive gear you will find ground up metal. You may also see ground up metal on top of the opener where the chain or belt is attached to the sprocket. In some instances the sprocket may have broke off and the chain or belt is completely off.

Now we know whether we need a drive gear or whole gear and sprocket assembly. So now we need to order the part or verify we have the correct part. The following part number is for chain drive gear and sprocket assembly’s only and should be part# 41C4220A. Just the drive gear kit should be part# 41A2817 and will work with both chain and belt driven openers.