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A new affordable custom computer reading clip-on glasses will work to relieve eyestrain and computer neck pain. Working at a computer is more visually demanding than doing other standard office work such as reading printed documents. Computer pixels are round and difficult for your eyes to maintain a steady focus, unlike ink and paper type. Compounding this problem is bifocal lenses, trifocal lenses and progressive lenses will not allow you to read the computer screen without elevating your chin. Eyestrain while working on a computer is the number one office related complaint.

Custom Computer Reading Clip-On Glasses: Reducing Eyestrain and Nagging Neck Aches.

Difficulty with vision is a very common complaint of multi-focal wearers who work on the computer. The computer monitor is usually positioned near eye-level at mid-range distance. Due to the optical limitations of multi-focal lenses, this is a dilemma for the eye doctor because it is virtually impossible to prescribe one pair of glasses that solves all our visual demands and fulfills the visual ergonomic demands of the computer user.

Ideally, the corrective power needed for viewing a computer monitor, which normally occurs at eye level and above, should be in the upper half of the computer user’s prescription glasses not in the bottom half. You can ask your eye doctor for a dedicated pair of computer and reading distance glasses, or now you can get a new custom designed clip-on to work over your current general wear bifocals or progressive type eyeglasses.

Now, the a new clip-on computer reading glasses will solve this common problem at a fraction of the cost of a new pair of computer glasses by clipping to the top of your existing prescription eyeglasses to provide you with an ultra wide, clear optical zone of computer distant vision focus. Custom Computer Reading Clip-On Glasses: Reducing Eyestrain and Nagging Neck Aches ,Yes, over your existing Bifocals, Trifocals, or Progressive “no-line” bifocal lenses.

Using this new innovative custom digital design clip-on to view a computer monitor eliminates repetitive up and down head movement which leads to neck strain from improper bifocal/progressive lens use. Elevating your head while lifting your chin up as you move your body closer to see the computer screen is just bad ergonomics. If you have a great ergonomic chair that you use at the computer, but have to move forward in your chair to see the screen clearly, than what you really have is just an expensive stool! You no longer have the correct back support. Neck and lower back pain is great for the Chiropractor’s and MD’s.

You can benefit immediately from a natural head and neck position with a pair of clip-on computer reading glasses. You don’t have to suffer the painful neck, shoulder and upper back effects! What makes this new custom designed clip-on better than similar looking devices.

The new computer reading clips are an ergonomically design clip-on lens attachment for general wear prescription eyeglasses in shape, size, optical centering, lens material, lens coating and thickness and weight.Custom Computer Reading Clip-On Glasses: Reducing Eyestrain and Nagging Neck Aches

Here are the benefits:

1. The new clip-on is fabricated using an acrylic material that has shown to improve on light transmission over the conventional polycarbonate type lenses clip-on’s.

2. The acrylic lens surfaces are more scratch resistant than other similar polycarbonate lens material clip-on’s currently on the market.

3. The position of the optical centering, or interpupillary distance (also called PD), will create less stress on ocular motor functions associate with eye convergence when viewing objects at a close intermediate range, and lessen the added stress while viewing a computer screen for long periods of time over existing computer lenses which usually have an optical centering of 70 mm or more in their design.

4. The uniquely smaller eye size, shape and thickness of the new clip (52mm by 26mm) design will provide for a lighter weight computer reading clip-on attachment to the wearers eyeglasses. This new lens size and thickness reduces the center of gravity outward from the wearer’s frame to help minimize the weight of the lens aid and lessen the effects of gravity that tend to pull the eyeglasses down on the nose.

5. Unique to the this new clip-on is the additional value of using a non-glare anti-reflection coating to reduce annoying glare and reflections. The resulting effects of adding a non-glare coating has been scientifically recognized to reduce visual stress and improve the wearers performance while working at a computer for extended periods of time (2 or more hours per day).

6. Digitally designed optics gives this newly designed clip-on an undistorted viewing area across the full width of the lens to improve the wearers experience and visual comfort when clipped over bifocals or progressive lens designs.