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Weekends are a great time to get outdoors and participate in active sports or hobbies.

There are many activities that one can participate in during a fun active weekend break, such as flying, rollerskating or rollerblading, hiking, running, golf, and fishing and much more.

Flying a kite can be a great and inexpensive (unless you’re thinking of kite jumping…!) way to enjoy the outdoor weather during weekends and if the wind is blowing enough, the experience can be rather amazing.

Rollerskating and rollerblading are great ways to keep in shape while spending time outdoors.

While this activity does not require as much energy as jogging, it is also a great way to stay active and in shape while enjoying the outdoors. In most beach locations, there are typically boardwalks where it is common to see roller skaters or rollerbladers whizz by during the day. This is also a great activity to embark on in local community parks as well as neighborhoods where this activity would be safe. It is always important to wear a helmet when participating in this activity (as with bicycling) and making sure you’re in a roller friendly zone (not your local shopping mall!).

Hiking is another wonderful activity that is great for active weekend breaks.

There are people who take day hikes for an hour or more and those who hike and camp overnight along the way only to continue hiking the next day.

Plain and simple running can be an exhilarating way to spend a weekend break, participating in a sport that is a favorite pastime for may. Whether a person is preparing for a long run like a marathon or just running for fun, this activity can keep a person in shape as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle, while also giving you a chance to explore and take in some new landscapes.

Golfing is a favorite pastime that is fantastic on weekend breaks.

Whether a golfer is close to home or on a vacation, there are golf courses readily available in most places. Golfing can be enjoyed with a group of friends and can be a fun way to be outdoors while perfecting a skill.