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5 secrets for unlimited Motivation

In life we need energy to live, to exist and to do things with our life and with others. Yet sometimes we can miss life through talking ourselves out of it. Just like this:

Five Secrets to Unlimited Motivation

I just can’t be bothered
• It’s just too much effort, I’m tired
• It’s not worth it, who cares
• Sure, one of these days…
• Yes, I know that I should, but…

Sound familiar? If this is you, and you are saying this to yourself and or to others, you are lacking one of the key ingredients in the recipe of life, MOTIVATION:
MOTIVATION; the psychological feature that arouses an individual to action toward a wanted goal; the reason for the action

So, we can define motivation but does that help? Usually not enough! What is this thing called ‘motivation’? Where do you find it?

How can we get motivated?

The first secret to share here is Secret No.1 ‘motivation is not a thing’ it is not a noun. You will never trip over motivation that someone has left in the bathroom, nor will you find a chunk of it in the fridge! Has anyone ever bought a kilo of motivation from the shop? I think not!

If that is the case, then what is motivation, how can we be motivated and more importantly how can we motivate ourselves? Would you like unlimited motivation, does this interest you? If so, read on because that is the design of this article.

Motivation is a set of thinking strategies or processes that we run for ourselves… Did you notice what you just read? ‘…That we run ourselves! What does this mean? It means that we are responsible for how motivated or not we are! It means there is no point looking to another to provide motivation for us; in fact it is impossible for another person to motivate us, only we can decide what is or is not motivational to us. So Secret No.2 to motivation is ‘we are responsible for the amount of motivation we have’. Can you start to sense the power you have over yourself when you take responsibility for you?

E-motion, as we look more closely at this word we can see its structure.

‘E-nergy in motion’;(e motion). Our emotions are our energy. Typically we can put emotions’ into three distinctive categories:
• Positive
• Neutral
• Negative

As we can define our emotions into these three simple types, then what does that also say about our energy? Well, we can make the same distinctions for our types of energy; positive, neutral and negative energy. This leads us to Secret No.4 ‘People are motivated and can motivate themselves using these 3 different types of energy‘ so can you!

The Axis of Motivation

Whether we move away from the pain and consequences or toward the good feelings or outcomes in our life, both create energy that we put into motion to do something. This is motivation. Now what this gives us is a strategy for developing unlimited motivation for anything we want to do or have in life.

Typically, human beings have a preference to which end of the motivational axis they motivate or get motivated by. We can ask ourselves some questions to identify our own preference for getting motivated. Ask yourself the following questions and notice if you are motivated toward what you want or away from what you don’t want:

I get out of bed in the morning;
1. Because I have to (away from)
2. Because I want to start the day (toward)

I take my medicine regularly;

1. Because I want to be well and live life as fully as I can (toward)
2. Because if I don’t I will become ill or possibly die (away from)

When asked I will go out and socialise with others;

1. Because I like to meet and be with other people (toward)
2. Because it is rude not too and I don’t want to upset anyone (away from)

I keep my home tidy;

1. Because I like it like that (toward)
2. Because I get moaned at if I don’t, or someone unexpected may come round (away from)

I understand that regular exercise is healthy for you;

1. And I exercise because I want to get the health benefits from it (toward)
2. And I exercise because if I don’t my health may get worse (away from)