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When you have FLV files that you want to convert to MOV and play them on your media player, you may have to convert them to a compatible file. FLV files types are for sure not accepted on Mac computers.

How to Convert FLV to MOV?

There are very easy to use convertors online that help you convert FLV to MOV in no time at all. These are Macintosh applications that can convert these files for you efficiently and correctly. These files can be converted at fast conversion speeds and high quality as well.

Also if you desire to play or use the files on your mobile devices or iPods, they are compatible with many brands of these devices as well. The convertor is quite simple to download and very user friendly too.

Your first step is to launch the FLV to MOV for Mac application. You can also easily go to the file menu and choose the “add video files” choice. This will help you convert the files properly to MOV files.

Next you will have to select MOV as the file format.

You also will have the ability to directly choose your own output formula in accordance with the video format. It may be that you have several FLV files on your Macintosh. If this is the case, you may opt to convert them in one continuous MOV video or you can convert the FLVs into several smaller files.

Once you click the convert button you will be enjoying your new video and audio files in no time at all. It really is that simple to do. This video convertor was specifically designed for Mac OS users. This includes users of Mac Book, Mac OS x 10.5, Mac Snow Leopard, Mac-book Pro and many more.

When the conversion is complete you now can enjoy editing and cropping your favorite video files that are now in MOV format. You can also put them on your iPod so that you can always have playback available to you at a moment’s notice.

The FLV to MOV convertor Mac is an excellent software program that totally transforms your video and audio experience on Mac computers. It is one of the simplest convertors you will ever use and in accomplishes this task in an amazingly short amount of time. The FLV to MOIV convertor is a must have if you want to enjoy streaming video and video clips on Mac computers.