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These days, it is almost impossible to do a Google search for any subject relating to MLM without finding a website that is either directly, or indirectly promoting Carbon Copy Pro. One of the centerpieces of the Carbon Copy Pro marketing system is the famous ‘Coffee House Letter’ written by Jay Kubassek. I wanted to take some time to answer some questions caused by the Coffee House Letter because so many people have asked me about it over the years.

The essential theme of the Coffee House Letter is that because of the advent and progression of the internet, MLM is becoming obsolete as a business model. (We’ll get more into that later).

Before we start, I need to take a minute to help you understand exactly what Carbon Copy Pro is, and how the surrounding business model works.

Carbon Copy Pro Vs. MLM, Continued…

When you visit a Carbon Copy Pro website, you’ll have an opportunity to opt in to a newsletter, and then you’ll be taken through a sales page where you can read the Coffee House Letter for yourself. When you’re done reading the site, you have an option of buying a DVD interview with Mike Dillard and Jay Kubassek, and you can opt in to be interviewed to see if you ‘Qualify’ to be involved with the Carbon Copy Pro System. The cost of the interview and DVD is $49, and the purpose is to ‘pre-qualify’ prospects to see if they’re serious.

If you decide to join Carbon Copy Pro, these are the expenses you can expect to incur (Please note that this does not include ongoing marketing expenses, such as Pay Per Click advertising, etc):

– $49 fee to join (This is in addition to the interview fee)

– Monthly Fee: $49 fee for the website, back office features, and other support services. There is an additional monthly fee of $149.

– It is also recommended to have $300 or more each for advertisements. (If you do not do advertisement then how can you get people to join? Carbon Copy Pro does not promote your site for you. You must promote it yourself.)

– Yearly Fee: $149 Consulting Fee. This fee is optional. You can join as a “Free Member without paying the $149 fee.

Remember how I said that Carbon Copy Pro is an Attraction Marketing System for Wealth Masters International? When you join, you also will sign up with one of the following 3 WMI packages:

* M1 – Masters Program: $1,995

* M2 – Wealth Conference: $8,495 or $8,995 for a combination of both M1 and M2 package

* M3 – Lifestyle Experience: $19,995

So to break it down, the total initial cost to become involved in Carbon Copy Pro is the following:

$49 (start up fee)
$49 (website and other fees)
$149 (monthly fee)
$149 (yearly if you choose to have the consulting fee)
$1995 (the M1 package fee)

For a total of $2381, and possibly exceeding $20,000 (If you get involved in M1-M3 all at once)

Now, while that start up cost may be alarming to someone who’s not familiar with traditional business, for the potential income that you can earn as a Carbon Copy Pro team member makes the investment well worth while. However, just because you can earn money with CCP, does that mean that it is better than MLM? While I don’t have the time to refute all of the claims made by The Coffee House Letter and other Carbon Copy Pro Reps, there’s a few main ones that I’d like to address.

Before we continue, however, understand that I’m not opposed to Carbon Copy Pro – in fact I work hand in hand with several of CCP’s top producers to help create online marketing systems and training. I think it’s a great opportunity for the right person. However, there are some things that people in Carbon Copy Pro say that are pure B.S. that can distract a distributor from making money from their business.