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What are the new 2007 hairstyle haircuts to ensure you are “in” with the times and current fashion trends! In recent years past, women have been going to great lengths to flatten and straighten their hair to achieve the popular look, mostly worn in shoulder length or longer cuts. Now you can say goodbye to your tools of the trade- the flat irons, the straightening hair solutions- and welcome old favorites like jumbo-sized hair rollers and large based curling irons!

The newest hairstyle trends involve naturally messy, slightly romantic hair that features layers upon layers of texture, waves, or loosely curling locks. You can look fashionable and with the current times whether you have short hair or long, and with only a few variations to the look.

Short haired ladies can have new 2007 hairstyle haircuts designed to add volume and texture to their hair; lifting it up at the roots and letting it lay naturally at the neckline. Angles and layers are cut into the hair, to create a “just got out of bed”, slightly tussled (yet in control) appearance!

Longer haired ladies with naturally wavy hair can enjoy a simple, wash and go hairstyle for the most part, and be completely with the times! If you have naturally straight hair, you will want to take the time to add gentle waves or curls with styling products. Boost wavy hair with a spray of salt water each morning before blow drying- the salt water will increase the amount of wave your hair has and still leave it feeling soft and natural.

Gone are the days of hair that lies flat against the head and straight across your back! The most important thing to consider when making your salon appointments for new 2007 hairstyle haircuts is to insist the stylist add as much volume as possible to your hair.