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In many cases, it is easy to write along and your opinion might be changed at the end of your essay.

You should begin by finding a topic in which you will have to show your opinion. Your topic should not only be interesting to you, but it should equally be interesting to your readers. There are so many topics in which you can give in your opinion. Most of these topics can be gotten over the media. Some topics will dwell on issues such as death penalty, abortion or homosexuality. In other cases, it will be good for you if you cover a topic which have been discussed in any of your class discussions. Keep in mind that before you give in your opinion, your topic should be on something in which there is real debate. The keywords in your topic should not be too vague to lead to you a precise direction.

You should begin the actual writing by doing some first round exploration.

The main reason for this is that as soon as you are given a topic in which you will have to give in your opinion, you should do some research around the topic. This is simply to be certain that you have a complete understanding of what the topic is talking about or what is required from you and that it is really a topic in which your opinion will count. With these in mind, you can make a recollection on how the issue under discussion has affected your life or the life of another, you can talk to others and know their opinion about the topic and you can even imagine chances.

You should continue by stating your opinion.

The best way to do so is to state your opinion in one sentence. The contents of your opinion should almost look the same like your topic. As your topic was on something very controversial, your opinion should also be one that can generate more debate.

Opinion essay should be concluded by gathering evidence to support your opinion.

This should mean anything that gives a backing to your opinion and show that it is sound. These may include facts, figures or illustrations. All your evidence should attend to the logical, emotional and ethical appeals of your readers. Your evidence should be correct, it should be reliable, it should be straight to the point, it should be current, it should not be oversimplified, it should be representative and it should be sufficient enough and strong enough to back your claim and persuade your readers to follow your opinion.