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Outdoor garden rooms have been around since the creation of the garden.

However,Outdoor Rooms  in recent years the concept of the outdoor garden room has expanded and now includes many of the same rooms and spaces you would find inside your home, duplicated outdoors.

These are some of the initial questions we ask when starting to plan an outdoor space. Where is it going to be? What is the use going to be or, how will the space be used? How many people will it service? How is the space going to be defined? What is the character of the room going to be? Once we have answers to these questions, designing the outdoor room is well underway.

An outdoor room should be an extension of your indoor living spaces, to provide you with the perfect entertaining area for family, friends, visitors, guests or clients. These spaces can be furnished with stunning furniture, weather resistant cushions, colorful pillows, dramatic outdoor lamps, drapes and unique accessories allowing you to customize and personalize your space. These rooms should complement and blend harmoniously with your interior spaces to create a unified whole.

Any outdoor space, can be treated as an outdoor room, by giving that space a purpose, a dedicated use and designing it to that use.

A simple deck, patio or sidewalk can be converted into a spectacular room by giving the space the right use and with it the right attention to detail. This space can include areas like dining areas, bar or lounge spaces and outdoor kitchens. Terraces, patios, decks, porches and pool areas can all be turned into great outdoor rooms in the garden with a little thought and planning.

Commercial properties owners are looking at outdoor rooms as a way to expand their property offerings without the huge expenditures in creating new building space. These spaces can be viewed as amenities offered by the landlord to prospective tenants as a quality of life improvements for the buildings tenants.

Outdoor spaces can generate opportunities for additional revenue by creating spaces that can be set aside from the main use areas and rented for special events like weddings or gatherings. Outdoor cocktail lounges, casual seating areas and outdoor dining areas are typical types of outdoor rooms many properties owners are looking to include.

Accessories such as ceiling mounted heat lamps or gas fired heat lamps allow the use of these spaces to be stretched into the cooler seasons. Outdoor rooms associated with urban buildings provide the city with life and energy. These spaces draw people to them contributing to a sense of security and adding to the urban fabric.

The first things to consider when designing your outdoor area, are to choose the right space and determine its new use.

It is best to locate an outdoor room near to a building or residence it services. This will create a synergy between the interior uses and your new outdoor area. The use of the space will help determine its size.

This is essential if the new outdoor room is supported by a coordinating indoor rooms and services. This could include access to a kitchen, bar or restroom facilities.