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Modern TVs are no longer only found in homes.

The LCD and plasma screen is being used for a multitude of purposes in outdoor locations from outdoor digital signage, information screens, to outdoor entertainment. And with a growing use of outdoor TVs comes an increasing requirement for outdoor lcd protection.

Along with the burgeoning outdoor digital signage and information market, many bars, hotels and restaurants are increasingly requiring outdoor TVs to entertain patrons as smoking bans and a desire for outdoor socialising becomes more prevalent. And even householders are wishing to install TVs in backyards, patios and around the pool as a luxury item – but there is often a high cost in using an outdoor TV.

However, cost effective alternatives to specific outdoor and waterproof TVs are available and becoming more common, allowing standard LCD and plasma screens to be used outside, protected by outdoor LCD TV cabinets.

Outdoor TV cabinets are protective enclosures designed to accommodate standard LCD or plasma TVs. They are manufactured in various sizes and are a cost effective and comprehensive method of protecting TVs in outdoor locations.

Outdoor LCD TV cabinets offer complete protection to allow LCDs and plasmas to be safely and securely used in almost any outdoor location; from outside a pub or bar to allow customers to watch the big game; around the pool or patio areas to let homeowners watch TV in their backyard; as information screens on railway platforms or outside buildings; to outdoor digital signage – an increasingly popular advertising medium.

Using conventional TV equipment outside requires a multitude of protection all of which the outdoor TV cabinet provides:

Waterproofing – one of the most obvious needs for any outside use of a TV is protecting it from rainwater and other weather elements. A standard LCD or plasma screen will not last long outdoors if water is allowed to get to it. Outdoor TV cabinets are therefore waterproof and often manufactured to international guidelines such as IP65 or NEMA 4.

Rainfall is not the only outdoor element either: hail, snow, sleet and even wind-blow dust and debris can disable an LCD or plasma device if it is allowed to penetrate into the workings of the device so outdoor TV cabinets are also resistant to these hazards too.

Temperature is also another problem. When temperatures get too hot, LCDs and plasmas can easily overheat and this can cause permanent failure so inside the outdoor TV cabinet cooling systems such as airflow fans are installed to ensure the internal temperature never rises above the optimum. And very cold temperatures are equally as disabling for a TV so often heaters, insulation or other measures have to be enclosed in the cabinet to prevent temperature plummeting too low.