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The importance of eyebrows as a powerful beauty asset is often overlooked.
Eyebrows can be shaped to pull together all of the elements of the face into balance,
giving your best features glory and the flaws respectful supporting roles.Skin Deep Cosmetic Beauty People
with thin, partial or no eyebrows often choose to use pencil or powder to create
their eyebrows daily and even multiple times daily since this makeup tends to
smudge or disappear. Many of these people are ending that daily ritual with
permanent makeup. Permanent makeup, also known as cosmetic tattoo or micro
pigmentation, is used to create a variety of changes in the face. Eyebrow
enhancement is an extremely popular permanent makeup procedure.

Eyebrow Design Need Only Be Done Once

In her book Bobbi Brown Beauty, Ms. Brown writes, “….a well-groomed, well-defined
brow can be extremely flattering and add considerable strength to a woman’s eyes.
It can open up her face so that she actually needs less makeup. A well-shaped brow
can also help lift deep-set eyes or maximize small eyes. There are even instances
where a lifted, manicured brow has had the same effect as a surgical eyelift.” Good
brows are rarely accomplished by guesswork. A permanent makeup artist must be
adept in the art and the science of designing the shape, color and placement for
beautiful symmetrical eyebrows that enhance through the decades. A well-chosen
neutral eyebrow will flatter you through all your hair color changes. Adjustments in
the color of your permanent makeup can be made, if necessary, when you have a
touch up on it every one to five years.

Cosmetic Tattoo, A Versatile Solution

The causes of missing hair in the eyebrows are many-genes, illness, over-plucked,
age related hair loss and physical trauma for instance. An inspired and talented
cosmetic tattoo artist can work with the “landscape” of the brow area be it totally
blank, scarred or deeply wrinkled. A lifting arch can be put into straight or droopy
eyebrows, width into thin ones, length into short ones and symmetry into
asymmetrical ones. Whatever the case may be, tattoo offers a precision that is
difficult to obtain and keep with regular makeup. Tattooed eyebrows stay put
whether the design is strong and precise or subtle and natural looking. Eyebrows
can be applied in delicate hair strokes, a powder fill or a combination of the two,
always using more than one color of pigment to create the illusion of dimension. As
much as possible of one’s natural brow hair is incorporated into the design. The
solution of permanent eyebrows is used by men, as well as women.

Make A Statement

Eyebrows not only frame the eyes, but when shaped appropriately for a face they
bring the entire face into focus, giving a person more presence. The eyebrow
design may even serve to qualify that presence as, for instance, down-to-earth.
In other words,Skin Deep Cosmetic Beauty eyebrows can influence the way people
perceive you. In fact, eyebrows can influence the way you perceive yourself. Even
when you know beauty is on the inside, you want to look your best. Confidence can
change the impression you leave in all of your social and professional interaction.