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Mechanical gears play a crucial role in the history of machines. Gears are basically mechanical transmission devices which have a wide range of application in industries. A gear is a toothed shaped mechanism which may be either a wheel or a cylinder.Spur Gears – Greatest Mechanical Discovery It is a device that meshes and rotates by administering force to a toothed part of another device to produce mechanical advantage. There are many types of industrial gears of which spur gears are the most common types of gears. A spur gear is a unique gear with straight teeth and mounted parallel to the axis of rotation.

How do they work:

These gears can be connected and inter locked easily when placed next to each other. However make sure that the gears are placed in such a position that the gear wheels are on a same plane. Now when the main gear is rotated the teeth present on the main gear automatically pushes the interlocking teeth forward. As both are on parallel axles it causes the consecutive linked gear to turn and rotate in the opposite direction. As the interlocking of the teeth keeps the wheels in motion the gears continue to rotate.


Internal: The internal gear is more or less similar to the regular spur gear. They are cylindrical in appearance and the tooth is parallel to the axis. The internal spur gears have teeth that face inward. The gears are placed in such a way that they make internal contact. They are also referred to as ring gears. The output rotation created by this gear system is in the same direction as the input rotation.


These are the most common and popular types of spur gears. The teeth like structure are cut on the outside surface of the wheel. The large size wheel is called as the gear and the small size wheel is called as the pinion. The output rotation is in the opposite direction when compared to the input rotation. In the external spur gear system the teeth are used to provide a constant speed and rotation between two parallel shafts.


Spur gears are used to increase or decrease the torque or power hence they are incorporated in washing machines, clothes dryer, blenders and in construction equipment. They are also used to increase or decrease the speed. As such they are put to use in mechanical clocks and egg beaters. They are also implemented in designing air craft engines.


They are constructed in a simple manner as the teeth are positioned in a straight position. They are easier to manufacture and does not easily cause breakage or damage. The efficiency of the spur gear is greater and it is calculated by the output power of its shaft divided by the input power of its shaft multiplied by 100. As they are easier to construct and produce they are made available at very affordable rates to the buyer.