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Summertime is the perfect time to pack up the car, gather the family and leave for, what would hope to be a fun, restful and relaxing weekend break; one that the whole family will enjoy.

Depending on where you live, a summer weekend break can include a stay at the beach, lake, mountains, a favorite big city or Grandma’s house. It really doesn’t matter what you do or where you go, as long as the three, key elements mentioned above come in to play – fun, rest and relaxation.

The Beach?

For example, a trip to the beach is always fun, because there are usually lots of fun things to do and plenty of time to rest and relax. Kids love the sand and surf that comes with the seashore. Moms and Dads love the beach, because they can sit blissfully under the sun enjoying the opportunity to stretch out and relax, while keeping a mindful eye of the kids.

Accommodations around beaches are generally quite nice and include amenities like pools, spas, gyms and baby sitting services. There are also motels that charge a modest fee for families on a budget. Coastal areas usually have a variety of restaurants to choose from, offering all types of cuisine. Activities to keep the children busy until bedtime are often in abundance around beaches. They include miniature golf, go-carts, bowling and more. Later on, utilizing the hotel’s baby sitting services (if available), Mom and Dad can wrap up the evening with an intimate dinner and dancing.


Another example of a perfect weekend family break is a cabin on the lake. There is nothing quite like driving down old country roads and pulling into a quaint dirt driveway, which leads to a charming cabin overlooking a pristine lake and loons serenading in the background. With inner tubes, water rafts, fishing poles, jet skis, bass boat and other lake paraphernalia in hand, what better way to hang out and enjoy a spectacular weekend break? Mom might even be able to sneak away and take in yard sale or two or stop by a farm to pick up fresh eggs and bread for breakfast. Dad will feel like he went to heaven sitting in a boat with a fishing pole in the middle of the lake.

Mountainous Resorts?

A trip to the mountains can prove rewarding on a hot summer weekend; snuggled up in a mountainside chalet. Mountain guides usually offer fabulous walking and hiking trails during the summer months. On a tour, families can witness beautiful flora and fauna along the trail, along with spectacular views of the majestic mountain tops. Evening hours can be passed playing favorite family games and popping corn by the fireplace. After all, mountain nights can get rather chilly. and many times a warm fire is in order. Family mountain activities can also include horseback riding, gondola rides and shopping at local boutique-type shops.

City Break?

Staying in a favorite city at a five-star hotel will make the entire family smile. It isn’t hard to find things to do for a family in the city. There are museums, galleries and restaurants to visit; and, of course, shopping for everything and anything under the sun. The kids will be entertained searching for the latest video games or toys, and Mom and Dad will go wild looking for the latest fashions and gadgets. A city’s local paper, or tourist guide is a “must have” in a big city, because they will list all the current events and happenings the weekend you and the family visit.