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I started taking a serious look at the Carbon Copy Pro system some time ago. I did my due diligence as you are doing now. I surfed YouTube, I read article after article; I had even asked some of my co-workers who had recently been accepted into the CCPro community. They had their own opinions and seemed to be excited about them, however what they had to offer me in terms of information of what and how this system really works; didn’t really give me anything to make an informed decision. I was already doing OK working a couple of MLM home based businesses I mean, I wasn’t becoming a millionaire but I was doing alright. And so as time went on wouldn’t you know it i lost 35% of my income due to this economy and that’s when I began to take a serious look into internet marketing.

Needless to say I started spending a lot of time building my MLM businesses I was doing everything my sponsor asked of me, my family and friends didn’t want to hear about my businesses anymore; they were either recruited by me or using the products themselves so I literally felt as if I was climbing up the rough side of the mountain and was getting nowhere fast. I needed help!

So having come face to face with what it takes to really earn a couple hundred extra dollars a month I turned to YouTube, Google, and Bing just to name a few to searched for Carbon Copy Pro reviews. I was really and truly searching for the facts that would allow me to make an educated decision about the Carbon Copy Pro.

It wasn’t easy at first I had to sift through a lot of sales pitches, sales pages of people who was affiliates of CCPro who were looking to get me to their landing page. Maybe you’ve already gone through those steps and if so then this review is for you.

Pay attention this is going to go quick! But first here is the disclaimer;

I’m building a pretty successful business with Carbon Copy Pro and I coach/mentor others just like YOU to do the same.

I remember what I was searching for when I began to take a serious look into Carbon Copy Pro. So my intent is to help those of you are in the same boat that I was in. This review will provide you with the exact information you need to make an informed decision. So if you have time, read this entire article.

If you feel like reading another article about Carbon Copy Pro after reading this one; then you are probably not ready to commit to CCPro because everything that you’ll need to make an informed decision is right here.

So, after you have finished reading this entire article, my bet is that you’ll be ready to make an informed decision to join and start or expand your internet business with the Carbon Copy Pro community. And if you decide that this is not for you; and continue your search for whatever it is then that’s fine by me and i wish you all the luck.

Hopefully I’ll see you at the top, and not from the top!

Carbon Copy Pro “The Company”

Carbon Copy Pro was launched in late 2007. It is the brain child of Jay Kubassek and Aaron Parkinson. It must be noted that Kubassek and Parkinson had to climb up the rough side of the mountain in this industry, losing thousands of dollars because the lack of knowledge and support. But they stuck to it and really began to isolate the problems and the reasons why they existed, and then they began to develop ways of not just getting around them but eliminating them altogether. So by trial and error, months of research they began to understand what works and what doesn’t. And in that time a lot of Carbon Copy Pro principles were developed. So as time would have it before the launch Kubassek had been using the same principles of CCPro, in fact he was teaching them to his friends who in return were achieving great success with them. It was then; he knew that with the right vehicle of opportunity, a keen level of focus, and some knowledge of internet marketing; he could turn a beginner to internet marketing into an advanced internet marketer.

Of course when CCPro was launched the hatters in the industry began to cast doubt over Kubassek’s brain child because of its immediate exposure as being an advertising incubator for any business; be it a brick and mortar or online business. Carbon Copy Pro quickly became the leader in the internet marketing industry.