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Outdoor advertising comes in many forms; from static posters pasted on almost any blank space; billboards; bus shelter adverts and adverts on the side of buses; and six-sheet totem systems. But the face of outdoor advertising is changing. In indoor locations, such as shopping malls and airports, digital signage screens are becoming a common sight.

This change of outdoor advertising is seeping out into the high street too. In some locations one in eight outdoor signs are now digital and their use doesn’t look to be dwindling, and for a couple of very good reasons.

With the ability to use a single screen for multiple adverts, remote and centralized uploading, ability to schedule content, not to mention mobbing images and more eye-catching content than static signage, outdoor digital signage has man advantages.

With so many advantages over traditional forms of outdoor advertising, it’s no surprise outdoor digital signage is becoming so popular, but there are downsides.

The initial set-up and installation cost of outdoor digital signage can be quite high, with the costs of outdoor screens, networking, installation and content creation proving a substantial investment and traditionally this has put a lot of people off from getting involved.

Outdoor digital signage used to be highly expensive, with outdoor screens costing many times more than standard devices, and while these outdoor LCDs and plasmas are beginning to fall in price, they still equate to a hefty investment.

Outdoor TV cabinets provide a cost-effective and yet comprehensive solution for outdoor advertising allowing the use of standard TV devices on outdoor locations and places with variable ambient temperatures and conditions.

Waterproof and weatherproof, outdoor TV cabinets can endure all sorts of weather fronts from rain, snow and hail. Outdoor TV cabinets also contain climatic components to maintain stable internal temperatures ensuring the enclosed TV device is operating at the optimum range.

Most outdoor digital signage screens are placed in unsupervised or unmanned locations, and can, therefore, fall foul to vandals, so protection is crucial. Many outdoor TV cabinets are manufactured using steel, with defensive shatterproof screens protecting the display’s front. This is crucial for outdoor digital signage, as unlike static signs, which are regularly visited by technicians who paste-up new content, the remote uploading of content of digital signage may mean a damaged screen could go unnoticed and unreported for a long time-costing in both repair and maintenance, as well as costing in prolonged downtime.

Whether it’s a waterproof TV or a standard device in an outdoor cabinet, all TV screens have a finite lifespan, and eventually will need replacing. This is another advantage of outdoor TV cabinets. Taking out the enclosed screen and replacing it with a new one takes just minutes, while the same outdoor TV cabinet can be used repeatedly.

As outdoor TV cabinets provide comprehensive protection for using screens outdoors, and allow standard TV devices (either consumer of commercial grade) to operate in outside locations, they provide a cost-effective all-round system for outdoor advertising, Using Outdoor TV Cabinets for Outdoor Advertising information screens and even make great outdoor TVs for backyards and pub and bar beer gardens.