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There are some people who cringe when they hear the word documentary as this usually means that they have to sit through some hum drum monologue others however normally get excited as they view this as an opportunity to learn something new. The sad fact however is that most people are no longer interested in the documentaries and there are very few people who will not sit through 2 hours of a documentary as they would rather do something different.

This article has been written for such people.

These are the people who have genuine interest in the documentary transcription process. Like other kinds of broadcast including audio or film there are people who get money for writing down each and every word that has been said by a narrator, the people they interview and any other person who comes in between.

Just like the other transcription projects, documentary transcription also requires the know-how and a skilled hand so that things are done in a quick and accurate manner. Most of the time transcribers will be asked to do the writing since they focus on speech. The documentaries are normally presented in film form and the transcribers will have to watch it to come up with text file that are used for computer backup.

If you are a documentary film artist and have been thinking about transcription, it is one of the best decisions that you can make. This will give you a chance to read through the documentary even in the future. This also gives you something to add to your resume as well as records especially when it is being used for a legal suit and there was someone who had not filled out a proper waiver before thy made an appearance in the documentary.

Regardless of the fact that documentary transcription is usually a part of the entertainment or broadcasting world and not people usually think about the transcription part other than the strange few who have many questions in their mind. There are very many professional documentary transcriptionist that you can make use of when you want the job to be done.