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Whether you enjoy scuba diving or cycling through hills and valleys, you are sure to find UK weekend breaks to Wales enjoyable.

Heading to Wales for multi activity weekends gives you the chance to take part in the above pursuits and much more besides. So if you feel like trying your hand at something new or want to take part in one of your favourite hobbies in some new surroundings, you can be confident that a multi activity weekend in Wales will have it all.

And the country can be a particularly great destination for activity weekends if you’re a fan of water sports.

When it comes to surfing Wales is one of the best places in the entire UK, so why not grab a board and try to hang ten? There are breaks suitable for all levels of skill, although if you’re a total newcomer to surfing, having a lesson at one of the numerous surf schools should soon mean that you can take to the waves in style.

Late summer and early autumn is probably the best time of year in which to go surfing in Wales, as it is then that the sea tends to be at its warmest. However, if you’re looking to try a slightly different boardsport, kitesurfing and windsurfing are just two of the other activities that you can attempt while on an activity break in Wales.

Why not strap on a snorkel and go diving? The Welsh coast is awash with great dive sites and by taking the plunge you can see some fascinating underwater environments, including several shipwrecks.

The Welsh coastline stretches for some 1,680 miles, so finding somewhere that you can go diving should not prove to be too difficult of a task.

But who says that you have to be in the water the entire time in order to have an action-packed activity break in Wales? Indeed, it is possible to have an equally thrilling time without getting as much as a toe wet.

One pursuit you may want to give a go if you’re not a fan of the water is cycling. There are a variety of routes located throughout Wales, so you may find taking to two wheels is a fun way to explore and to take in some fresh air.

And as there are trails suitable for riders of all age levels and abilities, you should be able to have a cycling experience that suits you. One place that you’re sure to find offers some fascinating views while on two wheels is Saundersfoot, while cycling through here you will be able to soak up the atmosphere of the magnificent Canaston Woods.

Meanwhile, Stackpole in Pembrokeshire consists of six miles of woodland trails, perfect for mountain bikes.

You might want to fit in a spot of archery into your multi activity weekend. There are several centres in Wales that offer group sessions on such an activity, although it is also possible to get tuition on a one-to-one basis.

Wales can also be a good destination for a weekend break if you’re into skiing. But if there is no snow on the grounds – perhaps you’re visiting Wales in the spring or summer – you will still find there is ample opportunity to strap on skis and snowboards. With several dry slopes located throughout the country, it is possible to practice winter sports on activity breaks all year round.

However, if you prefer to ride on animals rather than boards you will have the opportunity to do this. Wales is a great place for a spot of horse riding and is home to a variety of accredited schools. So whether you’re a total newcomer to horses or just want to brush up on your existing skills, you can get the tuition you need to be able to ride in style.

Exploring Wales by horseback can be a great way to get back to nature and allow you to take in some fresh air. One place you may find to be particularly great for riding is the Brecon Beacons national park.