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Most people would say that this is true when in fact it is not, it is only my opinion of Mr. Lincoln. However, Mr. Lincoln was the President of the United States – that is a fact!

Now let us expand on this to personal opinion.

When you take your spouse or friends out to dinner you like to try the new restaurants to see what the latest gourmet selections are like. So you go out and order a large sumptuous meal. As you dine you talk with one another about the food and you take note and above all you claim an opinion. For example your spouse may say “The Caesar Salad is good but the dressing was too rich” and another at your table may say that the meat was tough. By the time you leave the restaurant all of you come up with an assessment of the restaurant and it’s cuisine. What is interesting is that each person will have a firm opinion about the place and make comments such as “That restaurant is great and the food is outstanding” and “I like the food but the wines were poor” and so on. The point here is that people want to try it for themselves so that they can judge to see if indeed ” the wine is good ” pressing into their mind that the wine is good and you will tell others as well.

The key here is that the bearer of the opinion thinks so highly of his or her opinion that they take it to their friends and give it to them.

The point of this article is to demonstrate that most people regard their opinion as fact (De facto) and carry it around almost like a loaded gun ready to use when called upon and with pleasure. What is important to see here is that opinion is only good to the person that holds it and it is only valid to the same. If you like red apples and I do not that does not make red apples “bad” and so on. The difficulty lies in the fact that people project their opinions like a beam of light vindicating their perspective, trying to establish this or that as “good” or “bad” and so on.

The purpose of opinion is to navigate your life and no one else’s and this is the point, for everyone wants to write a column on last night’s concert and “tell it like it is”, however, there is no “like it is” only your perception of it and your opinion which interprets that perception. What Is Coming Out Of Your Mouth That Is Not Your Opinion? The fact is that most of the words that come out of your mouth are only your opinion, which is important because opinions gives meaning to your life but no one else’s. We all talk about our opinion, it is natural, it would sound odd to hear a person walking around spouting off facts and figures like a robot, people talk about what is meaningful to them not about facts and figures.