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A new website was made, and its ‘creators’ inspired by mystery already try to introduce us in tthe world of the unknown. A black background, with Xoole Review gothic influences is on the first page from which we are being led by the information posted there, further into the other pages.

The first trailer intrigues us deeply, and introduces us into the general atmosphere of the site.

Their descriptions, which they are ‘invincible’, ‘untouchable’ and as we well see ‘have nothing to fear’ as the site said. Their portrait is for now fearless and courageous, with no fear, and with desire to show the whole world who they really are. In the second trailer, we are shown another clue of what might be this website. To the puzzle is added another piece: a 5 to 10 seconds movie, with a wonderful sky, and on the horizon a ‘something’, which leads us with the thought of aliens, extraterrestrials who invade the earth, or maybe just add to a drink or a new product in any field of activity. That ‘he’ or ‘they’ menace us that hey will come and the entire world should see then.

The third trailer shows someone who runs at night, then it’s raining.

The video from the third trailer is really scary, because you don’t know who is in the video, why is he running, and the most important from whom is he running. Most even after the third, the fourth the fifth we can’t see what this site is really about.

In fact, the site is very interesting and nice, because it makes the viewer think of thousand possibilities of what the site is. Those who created this site wanted us to think of the strategy games, and calculate in our mind the possibilities of what the site really contains. Posting these kinds of videos makes us think firstly that aliens invade our planet, or a possible war… we don’t know yet…like I said in the beginning, the black background fits with the atmosphere, an as well the writing. The world of legends and spirits awaits them to enter in that lost paradise.

This desire of leaving the internet surfers to see their movie is a market strategy, but with this project it worked completely. It’s like that saying:’ you’ll find the answer in itself…’makes you even more ambitious until you discover all .the point is that a web site like this should be more visited by us, those who know how to appreciate the real value of hidden messages, of coded sentences and many other things like that. All in all, Xoole Review if your instinct tells you to go until the end, your limits of knowledge should have their own boundaries., therefore test your mind once again, for the sake of mystery.