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Is Xooma Worldwide Legit?

Once someone enters the network as a distributor of these products, there are quite a few options for money-making. In fact, there are 9 types of streams and it’s possible to earn an income all the way down to 8 downline levels. That’s pretty impressive considering it only costs as little as about $10 to join when they aren’t running a promotion. Frankly, the most cost-effective starter kit is the $25 one – since at this entry level one can begin earning a commission straight away and the distributor also gets an entire case of product.

To conduct a truly unbiased Xooma Worldwide review, it’s important to take a cold, hard look at the compensation plan. As with any other network marketing scheme, Xooma Worldwide distributors will need to anticipate having to work long and hard to build up a network, sales volume, a downline and to pay back the company for providing the initial products, services and support.

That being said, the Xooma Worldwide compensation plan isn’t half bad. For example, if a distributor has, say, a total sales gross of roughly $10k per month, depending on the size and scope of their downlines, they can rake in anywhere between 3% and 13% of the gross sales. Bonuses are also a large piece of the Xooma Worldwide compensation plan puzzle. For those distributors who choose to stick it out, brand loyalty is something they’ll soon enjoy as well, since Xooma Worldwide is a product consumers tend to consume for a long period of time.

Critical Evaluation For Your Success

Xooma Worldwide is a great company and you definitely have potential building this business just like you would any business. It is important to set realistic expectations when working with this business model. In addition it is important to evaluate your options.

However, it is important to note that even though the compensation plan is strong statistically in the MLM and network marketing industry 97% of distributors drop out within 3-6 months. This is an industry statistic. It is like trying to fill a leaking bucket by continuously replacing distributors. It feels like you cannot get ahead. That is why the majority of networkers haven’t been able to build a solid income. They are relying on a team and a downline to consistently purchase products.

While over time a successful network marketer can automate nearly all of their business dealings, this process can take years of manual labor. The desire to work from home is not enough. As any successful network marketer will tell you, none of their success came without hard work and sacrifice.

Xooma Worldwide Review – Is Xooma Worldwide Legit? Importantly it is important that when choosing a business you have several components working in your favor including the following: a compensation plan that pays you upfront in addition to residual income so you do not have to rely on building a downline, a proven marketing system that you can use to generate your own leads, a marketing system that teaches you the skill set of internet marketing, proven products and most importantly a top earner that is generating the income you desire.